Most Awaited New Counter Strike : Global Offensive Preview

Counter Strike Global Offensive is one of the most awaited games of 2012. Counter-Strike, the name itself evokes images of gamers huddled over their PC’s with headsets, barking orders to each other and frantically clicking, their eyes never leaving the monitor screen. It essentially defines multiplayer games. Go to a gaming cafe and you’re sure to find Counter-Strike, if not any other multiplayer games. Counter-Srike started off as a mod for Half-Life back in June 1999. It was developed by Minh Le and Jess Cliffe. The gaming community reacted extremely positively to it and it caught Valve Corporation’s eye, the developer of the Half-Life series. Pretty soon, Valve and the developers of the Counter-Strike mod teamed up and Counter-Strike was released as a stand alone game in a multiplayer games pack in November 2000. Again it proved hugely popular and the vast Counter-Strike multiplayer community expanded exponentially. Valve kept releasing updates and the game began to be included in tournaments and in a year or so became a mainstay of the multiplayer gaming community. Prizes for these tournament were in tens of thousands of dollars and Counter-Strike became a brand.

Evolution of Counter-Strike:

The basic premise is quite simple. Two teams battle against each other in maps to complete an objective depending on the game type. A time limit is usually imposed as well. The teams are Terrorist and Counter Terrorist. In the classic deathmatch mode, the first team to eliminate all of the opposing team members wins. Another mode is when the Terrorist team aims to plant a bomb at a certain point of the map and let it explode to win the game, whereas Counter Terrorists win by defusing the bomb or killing all opposing team members if the bomb is not planted. Though Counter-Strike started off as a mod, the standalone game also has a large community that develops new maps, skins etc.

In March 2004, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero was released. It was the first Counter-Strike game with a single player campaign. It also included new maps, bots and updated graphics, but it was essentially the same game. November 2004 marked the release of Counter-Strike: Source. It was a major technological update and a refresh of game mechanics. It used the Source engine, which powered game of the year 2004, Half-Life 2. Counter-Strike: Source was basically a remake of the original game. But it wasn’t met with good reviews and most players weren’t happy with all the changes to the core gameplay. Even now, the original Counter-Strike is played more than Source and is used in major tournaments.
global offensive counter strike

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive finally announced :

After a gap of over 7 years, a sequel to this hugely popular series has been announced and slated for an early 2012 release. Titled Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, it promises to deliver a long overdue proper addition to the Counter-Strike series which the large community will love. Also, it is the first cross-platform Counter-Strike game. It will be available on PC/Mac, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Players using PC/Mac and PlayStation 3 can play against or with each other online. Global Offensive aims to be an evolution of the much loved original game, rather than a revolution like Counter-Strike: Source was.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive features new game modes, weapons, maps, and characters. Along with new maps, classic maps like de_dust will be updated. A brand new mode is going to be added, called casual mode. In it, players can buy weapons each round for free, voice chat is available cross team and everyone can spectate everyone else. It’s mainly focused on newer and casual players, as the name suggests. Competitive mode is the mode most Counter-Strike players have been playing all these years, it includes round time limit, no spectating, no cross team chat and of course, limited money to buy and upgrade weapons.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Graphics & Weapons :

The game graphics have been completely revamped and look much more realistic now. Small touches like bullet shells, gun smoke and recoil, visual variations between same model team members and characters dressing appropriately according to the environment make the game all the more immersive. New weapons will be introduced, including molotov cocktails, taser guns and grenades. The taser gun will be a single use, expensive weapon to instantly eradicate a player. Another interesting addition is a decoy, which is basically a bundle of firecrackers, that adds a marker to the map and gives of sounds of gunfire to confuse opposing team members. The molotov cocktail will be a large scale disable, it will spread fire and smoke to slow down enemy players.

More new features are yet to be revealed and already it’s looking like it’s going to live up to all the hype. No doubt Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be one of the must buy games when it releases in 2012. Expectations from the multiplayer gaming community are sky-high, now all we can do is wait and watch what Global Offensive has to offer!
Do you know that you can play cs in windows 7 /vista with out any compatibility issues with simple tricks ? Its been 5 years since the release of Windows Vista and still I hear people complaining about how bad the Windows Vista is. Well actually to be specific, its not the OS, its the security features that are built in the OS that seem to misguide the users making them think that most of the programs/games don’t run on Vista. Personally, I think Windows Vista/ 7 are amazing operating systems. Almost all the programs run on the new operating systems just like the old ones, except those of the few programs that run on DOS.
play cs in windows 7

Simple Trick To Play CS in Windows 7/Vista Online :

Certainly most of them can be fixed. But today, I’m gonna tell you how to fix or make Counter Strike run on Windows Vista/7. Firstly, you need to know about the New Compatibility Mode in Windows Vista. Its a toggle mode that allows you to run programs that initially used to run on older Operating Systems without any problems. Most of the programs/games can be fixed and run on Vista/7 in this way. We will solve this issue now to play cs in windows 7 and windows vista in a easy way.
Here’s what happened when I tried to install Counter Strike on my computer with Vista. You will see a error as Platform Error : module failed to initialize.

Fix Module Failed To Initialize Error To Play Cs in Windows 7 / Vista

To Fix this error, follow the steps and you’ll be able to run the game in Windows Vista/7.
1) Firstly Install the game.
2) Right-click on the game icon and click properties.
3) Click on the compatibility tab.
4) Choose “Run this program in compatibility mode for” and select Windows XP Service Pack 2 (or any other).
5) Click OK and start the game, you game should be opening and you must be ready to play.
This is the simple way to play counter strike 1.6 online in windows vista/7. Most of us will have this problem of  not seeing the servers of players online. Some of us even cant see the menu when we try to connect to the server. Its just the interface of windows vista/7 which is not compatible to play counter strike 1.6 online. If you come across with games like these, which have issues in windows vista/ 7 then just use the above compatibility mode option to solve it. Please post your queries and comments below. I hope you all have fixed this problem soon and play cs in windows 7 online.
This dota item guide article of mine is to make clear for all those amateur’s or beginner’s of DotA. When you make certain items, it is necessary to re-think why it is useful and which way it is gonna be beneficial to you and your hero and your team. Now I don’t wanna sound offensive calling those who rush these items in the game. The only reason I’m using this word amateur to differentiate an experienced and an inexperienced player. So Let us begin this dota item guide with certain items that amateur’s rush and make the game less interesting to play. Here are some examples. so here goes the dota item guide.

dota item guide

Dota Item Guide :

Vladamir’s Offering:

(2050 gold, 16% life steal aura (melee only), 15% damage aura, 5 armor aura, .80 mp/sec aura)
Vlads is created from a bacillus ring, Ring of regeneration, Mask of Death and a Vlads recipe.
Amateur’s love rushing vlads. This is a very very big problem when you actually look at the amount of gold that gets wasted, because other than the 5 armor aura (3 from the Basilius ring) and the .80 mp/sec aura(.65 from the Basilius ring), vlads is entirely based on percentages or fractions of total damage. Who has low damage early game? Yes, that’s right.Each and every hero in the game has low damage in the beginning. For example,
Juggernaut at lvl 1

Str: 20 + 1.9 (65 at 25)
Agi: 22 + 2.85 (88 at 25)
Int: 14 + 1.4 (47 at 25)
Lvl 1 Dmg: 44-48
Lvl 1 Armor: 3.9
Attack Range: 100 (melee)
Base MS: 305
BAT: 1.7
Sight range: 1800 / 800
Now assume Juggy is carrying vlads (Which is Damn Absurd, You’d wanna make helm for him,  anyway this is just an example). Just have a look at his damage. its 44-48. So at the best cases lets assume his damage is 48. The life steal from this damage is around 7.5, which is absolutely useless in early game. Rather If you would have made helm. You’d have +20 damage which gives you a greater life-steal damage and more to account on and give a good omni-slash damage in-case if you choose to ulti. All a Vlads rush does is spend 1500 gold for very little benefit on a hero(usually a melee carry) that needs farm to perform well.

Dota Item Guide : Do Not Rush Vlads.

If you want to get a vlads, ONLY get it as a 2nd-4th item, then and only then get vlads. Vlads is very seriously situational in almost every game.
Also, For god’s sake please don’t make vlads when one of your team mate has already made one . Vlads is an aura item, which means It Does Not Stack. Two people with a vlads and fighting in the same gank have seriously wasted 2050 gold between them. I hope this article has helped you realize the truth about vlads.It is a necessary item but not an item that you need to get first,unless you need the aura very badly,for instance mage, and ursa for bringing down Roshan early. Please choose wisely and carefully while playing and don’t make any mistakes regarding builds. After all they are what define your skill and game play. I will discuss similar item mistakes that people generally make during a game and actual screw it up big time in part 2 of this article below.
Now this dota item guide will similarly gonna discuss some  about players making mistakes regarding carry heroes, that need to support and boost the team’s winning rate and survivability.
There are many illusion hero’s in the game . Most of them carries, and as I already said, most of the inexperienced players rush vlads. Illusions are very misunderstood by lots of players who play DotA (even good and the experienced !). The most important part, is that damage items do not yield increase in damage for illusions. This means Battle-fury does nothing,that’s right absolutely nothing for your illusions,even Divine Rapier does nothing for your illusions, and those Phase boots do nothing for your illusions apart from the base movement speed.

There are tricks around this. You can get a crit item lets say crystalys (that does increase damage of illusions WHEN you crit), you can get a radiance (every illusion of the carrier has the 40 dps affect), but most importantly, you need to get stats. Stats directly increase the damage of your illusions. Ever wonder why Manta Style is +26 agility, +10 Strength and +10 Intelligence? That’s because if it was +40 damage, the illusion that it splits off would do NO bonus damage based on the Manta Style. For this reason, best solution to this problem is,get stat items to your heros such as Sange and Yasha,Heart,Skadi etc.
If you want a good and efficient build for illusion heroes like Phantom Lancer or Naga Siren, aim for treads (agility if you have adequate hp and likewise for other stats),  get a few wraith bands or maybe some bracers that improve your survivability, and then work towards a diffusal.  The strength and the intelligence will both benefit your hero, and it’s a very simple build to use.. If you are good with creeping and ganking rush radiance directly. I hope this dota item guide helped you all.
COD MW Multiplayer is one of the game sequel Call Of Duty series, COD MW Multiplayer game has shown its temper to the gamers in a realistic game play action people love playing this game. Since this game was a big success in Single player mode, later it was released in multiplayer mode too. People from all over the world are playing this game, they create multiple servers and play this game in different kind of actions. As though COD MW Multiplayer may change the realistic display of the game when compared to offline gameplay but people are willing to play online more rather than offline single player mode.And coming to the System requirements of the COD MW game, You need the following configuration :
Minimum System Requirements :
  1. CPU : Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 2800+ processor or any 1.8Ghz Dual Core Processor.
  2. RAM : 512MB RAM (1 GB for Windows Vista)
  3. Hard Drive : 8GB of free space
  4. Video Card : NVIDIA Geforce 6600 or better or ATI Radeon 9800 Pro or better

COD MW multiplayer

Recommended System Requirements :
  1. CPU : 2.4 GHz dual core or better
  2. RAM : 1GB for XP; 2GB for Vista
  3. Hard Drive : 8GB of free space
  4. Video card : Nvidia Geforce 7800 or better or ATI Radeon X1800 or better with 3.0 Shader Support.

COD MW Multiplayer Gameplay :

People are playing COD MW Multiplayer with the help of GARENA and XFIRE. Where most of the users are using simple cheats with new Hack techniques most of the time, so people are showing there style of action in the public servers where there wont be any hackers, that is the PRO MOD SERVER. Now this the overview of the CLASSES and PERKS in the game, that is what does it consists and how to choose the best one, Game completely depends on the class of weapons we choose…For each class we can put our own weapons in a row. Totally we have 5 classes to start the game. We must choose anyone of the Class. We can even rename our class names. Every class have the options
  1. Primary Weapon : This varies with Assault Guns, Sub Machine Guns, Light Machine Guns, Short Guns, Sniper Rifles.
  2. Side Arm : M9, USP-45, M1911.45, Desert Eagle.
  3. Special Grenade : Flash Grenade, Stun Grenade, Smoke Grenade
Now the game completely deals with PERK. We have totally 3 perks. Choosing the best in perk. We can choose only one option in 1 perk, here are the options.

Choosing Perks in COD MW Multiplayer :

Perk 1 consists of :

  1. C4 X 2 – Remote detonation explosive
  2. Special grenade X 3 – Can use smoke grenade in place of special grenade
  3. RPG-7 X 2 – Rocket launchers (2)
  4. Claymore X 2 – Trap activated explosive
  5. Frag X 3 – To carry 3 extra grenades
  6. Bandolier – Extra ammunition
  7. Bomb squad – Ability to seek out enemy explosives
  8. Users choice – CLAYMORE X 2 : Trap activated explosive
  9. Bandolier – Extra ammo for your primary weapon

Perk 2 consists of :

  1. Stopping power – Increased stopping power
  2. Juggernuat – Increased health
  3. Seight of hand – Faster reloading
  4. Double tap – Increased rate of fire
  5. Over kill – To carry two primary weapons
  6. UAV jammer – Undetectable on enemy radar
  7. Sonic boom – Higher explosive weapon damage
  8. Users choice OVER KILL – To carry two primary weapons

Perk 3 consists of :

  1. Extreme conditioning – Sprint for longer distances
  2. Steady aim – Increased hip-fire accuracy
  3. Last stand – Pull out your pistol before dying
  4. Martyrdom – Drop a live grenade when killed
  5. Over kill – To carry two primary weapons
  6. Deep impact – Deeper bullet penetration
  7. Iron lungs – Longer breath for steadier sniper shots
  8. Dead silence – Reduces on foot sound
  9. Eaves drop – Hear voice chat of nearby enemies
Most of the users prefer to choose Iron Lungs or Deep Impact. The users choice here is the survey done among the people who play COD MW in Indian rooms.

Basic things to remember while playing COD MW Multiplayer.

Some of the most important tips to play COD MW online are :
  1. Here teamwork plays very prominent role…be allied with them, don’t quarrel.
  2. Its better to use 2 primary weapons so as to carry one sniper rifle and other gun of your choice.
  3. When you are using sniper rifle make proper use of IRON LUNGS by holding the SHIFT KEY.
  4. There are many GLITCHES in the game just find them and make as your advantage while you are sniping.
  5. CLAYMORE play important role in the game, if once you have dropped down claymore you can’t recollect it so, just place the claymore in proper place, and also it last until you are alive, if you are dead your claymore is removed automatically.
  6. Don’t completely bother about to plat the bomb as fast as possible as you’ll be awarded victory if you kill all your rivals.
  7. Even if you don’t defuse the bomb you’ll be give n victory if you kill all the enemies before the bomb gets BOOM.
  8. Make sure that admin has turned the settings FRIENDLY FIRE = OFF in the settings option.
These tips are not particular to one single type of gameplay. This tips work on all game types and all levels. I hope you all have liked my post. If you have any queries.. Please feel free to comment here, so that i can respond you quick. This COD MW Multiplayer  post is written by Yeshwanth who is a enthusiastic gamer.
Greetings humans, Welcome to the Evolution of Transformers Game post. And I will be providing brief reviews of every Transformers game that has been released in the transformers franchise. I myself being a really big fan of my favorite cartoon series, couldn’t resist to stop myself from writing this one. So if you are a great fan of the Transformers game, then you are a lucky one. Make sure you read every detail that is written in this post because its gonna rock your world. So let’s get started with the Transformers Game post.
transformers game

The Classic Transformers Game Series :

The Transformers (1985) :

Soon after the cartoon- series release, the fan following for transformers was overwhelming. Every teenager used to hum ” Transformers, robots in disguise” while walking on their way to school. It was a really big thing back then, and so it is now. So let us explore how it all started with just a simple game.
It might be really creepy by the way it looks, I don’t blame you. The game was released on Commondore -64 and Sinclair Spectrum, who hand-held gaming consoles that were pretty popular among the teens like how Sony Playstation is now. It had really plane graphics, I don’t even know if I’m allowed to call them graphics because they look like my 5th grade co-ordinate geometry lessons to me. And yeah thats Optimus and Megatron fighting head to head in the picture. I don’t wanna describe any more further and make you guys leave this page, I’m saving the best for last.

 Transformers : The Battle to Save The Earth ( 1986)

This transformers game starts following the actual comical phase where the robots invade the earth and battle it out on our home planet but this time produced by Activision on Commondore 64. Pretty interesting story line which the actual Transformers is based on.
Okay, Yeah ! The yellow tin box is Bumblebee and the tin beside that happens to be Optimus. Okay I’m gonna leave the rest of the guessing for you guys to do it.

Transformers : Convoy no Nazo (1986)

Okay, what happens when two back to back games are released in the same year? Nothing , just that it was Developed by ISCO, published by Takara. That’s pretty much what I can comment. There isn’t much difference between Convoy no Nazo and The Battle to save the earth.
The in-game screenshot gives you an idea how Optimus had to jump around like a bunny in Cybertron.

Transformers : The Headmasters(1987):

Finally a little development in the game is what I liked about this. Lot of improvements and better color display. The robots are pretty well modeled and the features in the background were pretty much distinguishable which actually turned out to be a pretty handsome game and introduced for the first time under the Famicom disk system.

Transformers : Beast wars(1997)

Okay here’s the boring and pretty much absurd part of the Transformers franchise. The robots are portrayed like pre-historic creatures and forces us to lose interest in the game. Nevertheless the Transformers fan liked it pretty much and the game took off.Another positive thing about this game is that, it was the beginning of the 3-D revolution and hence it was made in 3-D and was released in Playstation.

The Revolutionary Transformers Game Series Started :

Transformers (2004)

This game is the real deal, because it was launched on Sony PlayStation with really good graphics and high detailed models and environment. This game looks great.  From the environments to the Transformers themselves, everything in this game stinks of this-generation polish. Transforming: It can pretty much be done anywhere, though there will be sections that you will do one or the other.While nothing will ever replace the love I feel for the first great Transformers game, there is no doubt that the newest is a great title and should be sought out by all serious Transformers gamers at that time.

Transformers : The Game(2007)

Soon before the release of the movie: Transformers. This Transformers Game took its part in the gaming market, all the transformers fans were the first to buy them and it actually resulted into whooping sales in various parts of the world that gave a green signal and sense of security that the movie will be supported by the old and as well as the new fans. Nevertheless its a great game and you can practically transform anywhere you want. The best part of the game is that you can play as Autobots and as well as Decepticons. The missions and locations are entirely based on the movie’s story line. Really good detail and good special moves that can be performed by every robot in the game. And one more thing that I have to add are the cut scenes that play after completion of every level are just simply awesome.

Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen(2009) :

Based on the movie again, this sequel of the movie based game is another cool Transformers Game that was released on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 developed and published by Activision. Talking about graphics, this game is extraordinary. And for the fact, the yellow one doesn’t talk, he’s got guns that will surely make you stop talking. The best part of this game is that, it can be played online with Multi-Player enabled feature.
The characters are :

Transformers : Dark of The Moon(2011)

Optimus claims this battle has been won, but knows the war with the Decepticons is far from over. Meanwhile, Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave and Shockwave meet in South Africa where Megatron tells Shockwave to head to Chernobyl to search for a certain ancient Cybertronian artifact, setting up the events of Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Game-play is similar to Transformers: War for Cybertron’s gameplay, in which the game is a third-person shooter. Stealth Force, a much touted feature of the game, combines these two forms to play to create a sort of hybrid that allows the use of weapons in robot mode while maintaining the agility of vehicle mode. The Graphics- Mind blowing !!!
Other games include
Transformers : War for cybertron , Transformers G1 Awakening . Which are based on the above games as well.
I Hope you all have liked reading it. The next post on transformers will be really amazing and i just cant stop waiting to post it. Let me know if you have queries on any Transformers Game above.

DotA 2 Preview – Trailer revealed !

by Pranay Kotapi on August 16, 2011 · 1 comment
DotA 2 is almost ready for release! To start over with and jump straight to the topic, Valve’s mega product is gonna sweep you off your feet – DotA 2 is almost here. That’s right the wait is over. I’m gonna update you on everything that’s happening in the DotA world. Are you excited ? You better be, Because I had tonnes of sleepless nights and dreams about this one waiting to get my hands on this master piece. I’m all glad that its gonna end once and for all.

DotA 2 debut trailer :

I know you guys are not ready to read even half of what I’m typing here. So I’m gonna skip right into the detail and give you everything you need.
1 ) The Trailer we all were waiting for was revealed at GamesCom 2011 :-
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That was amazing, wasn’t it? I know that isn’t enough if you are a real hardcore DotA fan, so here’s more.

DotA 2 screenshots :

2 ) Official in-game screenshot leaks from the Chinese beta testing team :-
dota 2 game
3)  DotA 2 Championships – The worlds best DotA teams are gonna battle it out for the big pot of cash- One million dollars.
Yes, you heard it right, that’s a million dollars to promote the game. Everybody can understand how big of a game this is gonna be.
To stay updated go to the official website of Dota 2 ( and watch the battle between the teams live.