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Here is how you can turn camera sound off on your hacked phone.
1. Open xplore

2. Goto z:private10202be9101f8809.txt

3. Copy the file to c:private10202be9101f8809.txt

4. Edit the file 101f8809.txt

5. At the end of the file, u will find the line

code: 0*7 int 1 0 cap_rd=alwayspass cap_wr=alwaysfail

6. Change it to

code: 0*7 int 0 0 cap_rd=alwayspass cap_wr=alwaysfail

7. Save the file and exit xplore

8. Turn on caps on

9. Turn off warning tones in ur profile

10. Restart the phone

Here is how to get rid of phone memory full problem on n73
Having phone memory full is realy annoying, you cant do anything. Just keep on getting 'Memory Full!' . I had this problem on my N73me but I didnt knew this solution at that time. I thought it is some kind of virus so I hard formated my phone memory. Well if you or any of your frlends is having this problem, the good news is that its not cause of any virus and you dont have to format your phone to get this fixed. . I recomend that you do this on your phone even if you are not having this problem at the moment.

Lots of talking, Now lets come to the point. This problem is caused by application LIFEBLOG. This applications keeps copy of many things like your messages, camera photos, camera video's . . . . .bla,bla. . . . So what we have to do is just disable it. And its easy and no hack is required.

Here is what you have to do...

First you should have minimum of 150 KB free memory in your phone… its enough to open the Application

Then open the Application-->Lifeblog-->option-->settings--> item types--> unmark all the items… then restart your mobile…. whiles start up… the lifeblog application will clean up the database and your phone memory will back to normal….

Here is guide to back up many things on your hacked phones.
New phone? Hard reset? Firmware upgrade? Or you just want to be prepared for just in case? Of course you can backup all kinds of things on your phone with PC Suite or the backup feature of the data manager on your phone, but that takes forever, requires a computer (PC Suite), and won’t let you choose what to backup (data manager).

But if you hack your phone to set it free and get full access to all system folders, you can backup exactly what you want.

REQUIREMENTS: All you need is a hacked phone, and a decent file manager like ActiveFile, X-Plore, SExplorer, FExplorer, or Y-Browser.

Access Points:

Your access points are stored in C:Private10202be9persistscccccc00.cre. Just make a copy of cccccc00.cre, and restore it to your phone (or send it to another phone), restart your phone, and you have your access point settings back just the way they were when you made the backup.


Your bluetooth name is in C:Private10202be9persists10204dac.cre, your paired devices are in C:Private100012a5DBS_100069CC_btregistry


The bookmarks of Symbian’s built-in web browser are stored in C:Private100012a5DBS_101FD685_BrowserBookmarks.db.


Calendar entries are stored in C:Private10003a5bCalendar. On some phones the folder name is 1000395b.


Your contacts database is in C:Private100012a5DBS_100065FF_Contacts.cdb.

On some phones the folder name is 10001295.


The cookies of Symbian’s built-in web browser are in C:Private101f8530cookies.dat. Restart your phone after restoring or transfering the cookies file. If you’ve told your browser to delete your cookies, there is no cookies.dat file in C:Private101f8530.


Your SMSs and mails from Symbian’s built-in messaging application are stored in C:Private1000484b. If you’ve told your phone to store messages on your memory card, they are in E:Private1000484b. Copy the entire folder, and restore when needed.


The notes you write in Symbian’s Notes application are stored in C:Private100012a5DBS_101F8878_Notepad.dat.

If you can’t delete or replace the file, it’s because Symbian is using it. But there’s a workaround for this problem: go to settings, data manager, memory, and select “back up phone memory” from the options menu. While your phone is making the backup, you can delete or replace the DBS_101F8878_Notepad.dat file.


Your profiles are stored in C:Private10202be9persists101f8798.cre. If you restore the backup, restart your phone.

T9 dictionary:

Your frequently used words in SMS and email are stored in C:Predic101F8615_F.dat. You don’t even need to hack your phone to get into this folder.

9 tweaks Nokia N95 battery life
There is no way getting around the fact battery life on the Nokia N95 is less than great. Almost every N95 review addresses this issue in one way or the other. Opinions seem to range from infuriated "Nokia should provide a more powerful battery for this type of device" to apologetic "a communication and multi media power house is bound to run its battery dry in no time".
Whatever the case may be, there are things that can be done to improve upon the «default» N95 battery life time. Improvements come from tweaking a few, selected settings from their default values.
I have divided this authoritative N95 battery tweaking guide into two parts: first I will show you a few basic battery friendly optimizations and habits that can be employed by everyone. Next, I provide a few advanced tweaks that on the one hand might not fit everybody, on the other hand result in the most significant improvements.

Basic Optimizations
Update phone firmware- new firmware might include improvements to battery management.
Bluetooth - keep it off unless needed. Put bluetooth management on «active standby» screen for easy access («Tools» | «Settings» | «General» | «Personalisation» | «Standby mode» | «Active standby apps..»).
Brightness timeout...not more than 10 seconds («Tools» | «Settings» | «General» | «Personalisation» | «Display» | «Light time-out»).
Screen brightness - turn it down a notch or two («Tools» | «Settings» | «General» | «Personalisation» | «Display» | «Light sensor»).
Lower the standby timeout - mine's set to 1 minute («Tools» | «Settings» | «General» | «Personalisation» | «Display» | «Power saver time-out»).
Camera - do not walk around with "live" viewfinder 1.
Rocket Science Tweaks
WLAN scanning - turn it off...scan manually, or turn scanning on when needed («Tools» | «Settings» | «Connection» | «Wireless LAN» | «Scan for networks»).
3G - turn it off - especially in areas with poor coverage, where the N95 otherwise will spend stupefying amounts of power searching for networks («Tools» | «Settings» | «Phone» | «Network» | Set «Network mode» to «GSM»).
WLAN transmit power (TX power level) - turn it down to, say, 4 mW. («Tools» | «Settings» | «Connection» | «Wireless LAN» | «Options» | «Advanced settings» -say YES to the prompt - scroll down to TX power level choose options/change/ and select 4 mW.).
Tested on: n73me, 5700, 6120c, n95-1 and n 78. Should work on almost all s60v3 phones. Try it on your phone and then inform.

Acces to Private and SYS folder on your MMC without PC for Unhacked phones
Little trick
1)Via cardreader or data transfer remove readonly attribute from sys and private folders
2) Open pre installed fileman
3) Functions - Search(find)
4) Enter private or sys
5) Wait
6) Enjoy

P.S sys is readonly
Some folders
10207114 - Themes
102033E6 - Java Applications
1000484b - Mail folder
10202dce - Installed sis file
* Press menu key, open "File Mgr." (the default file manager) and open it
Press Options / Find
You will be prompted to choose between phone memory and memory card. Press down to select memory card.
* Type the name of that protected folder you want to browse through: either Sys or Private
* Press Find and wait
The folder will appear in search results. It should appear the first result if you type its whole name.
What will you be able to do?
* Browse through folders, subfolders and files inside sys folder.
* Copy files/folders from sys to another normal folder
* Browse through folders, subfolders and files inside private folder
* Move and copy files/folders from private folder to another normal folder
* Rename and delete files/folders inside private folder.

Nokia 5800 Tips and Tricks
1. To bring out the Shortcuts on your Screen/Desktop-> Settings/Personal/Home Screen/Home Screen Theme and select Shortcut bar, you can then select which shortcut to display if goto "Shortcuts". This will also bring out the "Track" playing being displayed when you open the Music Player.
2. Tap the Clock to bring out the Clock menu and make your alarm, alarm repeat is now built-in.
3. Tap the "General" or Date (the set Profile besides the clock) and the Profile selection menu pops out, almost similar to pressing the "Power" button in all S60, but here the Remove memory is not shown, but "Calendar" shortcut is included and the other profiles as well.
4. If you are on the Numeric Keypad, pressing the [#] key alternately will toggle the General and Silent Profiles, same as before, which means long press on zero [0] will bring out bookmarks for the Web.
5. Tapping on the displayed To do or Calendar entry will bring you immediately to that particular item.
6. Tapping the Active Icon on the Top Left (near the battery indicator) will give you shortcuts for any of the active icons.
7. Long press on the Green Call Button will still activate the Voice Command Prompt
8. Long press on the center button is similar to the Long press on the "Menu" key (the yin-yang key on most S60) which will bring out the menu for all the active applications.
9. Go to Applications/File Manager and setup "Backup" for automated backup schedule of your phone data.
10. How to update your Nokia 5800 firmware using your phone.
Presss *#0000# to display phone factory information and firmware
Now press options and select check for updates.
The newest update is sent to your phone from nokia.
Download and install updates.
This is done using GPRS or WIFI Connectivity..

Gallery, real player in landscape (n5700) without application.

Here it goes
1. Twist the bottom of the phone to camera mode
2. Minimize the camera application (dont exit it, just press the menu button to minimize it).
3. Open real player.
4. Twist the phone back to normal position.
5. Its done , the camera app closes automatically and the GALLERY and REAL PLAYER and a useless app (IM) and even packet video player (PV PLAYER..... provided you have it ) get oriented to landscape mode.
The above mentioned apps stay in landscape mode only till you next open the camera app or twist it to camera mode, but you can still do it again.

Nokia 5700: Use Both side keys (music+Panel) simultaniously.
First switch on autolock fascility in phone settings.
[Remember its not keypad lock, its phone lock]
Then follow :
1. Rotate the bottom part (doesn't matter if music or camera mode)
2. Press the switch off key and then lock your phone from there
3. Return the phone to proper position during in lock mode (number keys at front)
4. Press unlock then enter the code then ok.
By doing this you'll be able to access both the sides of keys (music + Panel)
This affect remains till you twist the phone for camera or for music side.
And also the gallery remains in landscape mode too if you have rotated and locked the phone during camera mode.

Hi guys today I get an way to transfer my messages from N70 to N73.
I dont know why you all guys doesnt posted it here is the trick.

1.First of all make sure you have chosen mmc as message storage ever if not do it now if it ask to copy press no.
2.Then get the"Mail"folder of S60V2 handset and copy it to P.C.
3.You will get that folder from {!:systemmail Where ! is drive you choosed}
4.Now connect your S60V3 handset to pc via cable in data transfer mode {you must have to change message memory to phone memory}
5.Once connected go to {!:private1000484b Where ! is your MMC drive at P.C.}
6.Now open the folder mail of S60V2 Handset that you had just copied to P.C. and select the content of it and paste in the folder of S60V3 handset that is {!:private1000484b Where ! is your MMC drive at P.C.}.
7.Now replace all file when it prompt.
8.Its done now.. disconnect your handset and change your message memory to Memory card
9.If you followed every thing you will be successful.

[NOTE:- Dont copy paste the whole "mail" folder of S60V2 handset and rename it to mail2 it will fail just copy all files inside it and paste inside "mail2" folder].

Interpreting Signing Error Messages in S60 3rd Edition
Certificate error. Contact the application supplier.
You may have tried installing unsigned application. Note that signing is mandatory S60 3rd Edition. You can use self-signed certificate or developer certificate from Symbian Signed to sign your application.
Unable to install. Constrained by the certificate.
This message pops up when you attempt to install developer certificate in the unsupported device. The developer certificate fromSymbian Signed can only be used in a limited number of devices. Remember that you have to send your IMEIs to Symbian Signed when requesting certificate. You cannot use the certificate in other devices that is not in your IMEIs list.
Required application access not granted.
Check that your certificate can be used to sign all capabilities needed by your application. For example, if you use self-signedcertificate, you can only sign basic set capabilities, i.e.NetworkServices, ReadUserData, WriteUserData, LocalServices and UserEnvironment.
If your application requires one of the extended capabilities, for example SwEvent, you cannot sign it with self-signed certificate. In this case, apply for developer certificates from Symbian Signed.
Unable to install a protected application from an untrusted supplier.
If you use self-signed certificate, make sure that your application uses unprotected UID, i.e.0xA0000000 - 0xAFFFFFFF.
If you use protected UID (0x20000000 - 0x2FFFFFFF) or legacy UID (0x10000000 - 0x1FFFFFFF), you will get this message.
Unable to install.
This message may come up when your installation file (.sis/.sisx) copies files to other application's private folder, i.e. privateuid.
That Symbian os.9x introduces data caging concept, it means you don't have access to other application's private folder.
Expired Certificate
Do this...
Set the phone date back by 7-8months..
Update error.
Uninstall any previous version of the application, then switch on/off the phone and install again

Tips, Tricks and Keyboard Shortcuts for Nokia E71.
Original Post by Shantanu Adhicary
E71 is one of Nokia's best phones to have hit the market and has often been labelled as the 'iPhone killer' or the 'BlackBerry killer'. We are not sure whether it has actually killed any of those but what we are sure of is that it is one of the best smartphones to have hit the market. We have for you here, a very expansive list of E71 tips, tricks and shortcuts. Enjoy!
* To get to a symbol or number hold down its key.
* Shift + Backspace deletes letters after the cursor, thus imitating the behaviour of the 'Delete' key on the computer.
* Fn + Ctrl + C to copy.
* Fn + Ctrl + V to paste.
* Shift + Left ( or Right ) to select text.
* Ctrl + Up for page up.
* Ctrl + Down for page down.
* Ctrl + Vowels ( or n ) for accented characters.
* In the Main Menu:
* T to focus.
* Green Call to send the image.
* Fn + * for full screen.
* Fn + 7 to zoom in. Press twice for the full screen size.
* Fn + 4 to scroll left while in the zoomed image.
* Fn + 5 to zoom in.
* Fn + 3 to rotate right.
* Fn + 2 to scroll up while in the zoomed image.
* Fn + 1 to rotate left.
* Fn + 0 to zoom out.
* 1 for bookmarks.
* 2 to find something on a page.
* 3 to return to the previous page.
* 5 to tab open windows.
* * to zoom in.
* # to zoom out.
* 8 for page overview.
* 9 to go to a different web page.
* 0 to got to the homepage.
* Hit the Backspace key to close the current window.
* on a QWERTZ keyboard: y - to go back one site
* on a QWERTY keyboard: z - to go back one site
* Hold * to activate/deactivate Bluetooth.
* Hold 0 to go to the web browser.
* Left Soft Key then Fn ( or * ) locks the keypad.
* Hold End/Red to disconnect all data connections.
* Hold Left Soft Key to read out new text messages.
* Hold shift + soft key LEFT to copy
* Hold shift + soft key RIGHT to paste
* Shift + Return to mark/unmark a single message.
* Shift + Down to mark multiple items.
* Fn + Spacebar in new message body to access input (predictive text, etc.) options.
* Shift to zoom in.
* Backspace to zoom out.
* Space to go to the current position.
* Fn + 2 for full screen.
* Hold Up for fast forward.
* Hold Down for rewind.

A quick double press on the bottom left 'function' key locks it. This is helpful in situations when you need to press a combination of keys or in applications like Gmail which can be controlled via the keypad.
To dial 1-800-WHATEVER: type 1800, hit Fn, then Shift twice, type WHATEVER, and press the Call/Green key to dial. (The idea is to type in the alphabet mode in CAPITAL letters ONLY). The alphabets will automatically be converted to numbers.
You can simply mute a call by press the button between the volume keys present on the right hand side of the phone. Press it again to cancel the mute.
There are times when you feel certain keys on the E71 are being wasted when they could have come in very handy. For example, the volume keys would work wonderfully with the web browser to scroll pages or in your music player and the mute key could work as select. Make that happen.
When the phone is in the locked state and the screen is blank, hit the Navi Button to display the time and date in a large font.[/s3]
[i]When in the standby mode, hold down left soft key to read out new text messages.
If you have a lot of applications installed on your E71, you might want to assign additional shortcuts to different applications by defining a set of keypresses with an application called Cute Keys..

dear friends i am introducing how to hack your nokia s60 v3 (nokia n73,e65,n95 etc..)
How to Hack your Phone
Ok, first of all, you must know why you need to hack your symbian phone.

Had you ever experience getting "certificate error" when trying to install software or game on your symbian phone? The "certificate error" is blocking you from installing all those great applications and games which will greatly enhances your symbian phone experiences. Without 3rd party applications, symbian phone is nothing more than an ordinary phone.

Hacking your phone is quite safe nowadays and you can done it in just few minutes.
The following tutorial is 100% working with Nokia N73 [4.0839.42.2.1] tested by myself.

First you need 4 files
Secman v1.10.sis
X-plore v1.34

Easy steps to Hack/unlock your N73

1.Download the file and unzip to your pc.
2.Transfer the 4 files to your phone memory card.
3.install Secman v1.10.sis. When the installation is done, look in the Applications folder on your phone, and find SecMan. Open it and wait to load. Follow the instruction and it will auto reboot your phone.
4.Open it again and click on "Install Root Certificate". After that now Select turn platform security off.
5.Install X-plore v1.34 . Open X-plore. First start to configuration of xplore which can be found on:
Menu>tools>configuration Or by just pressing 0

Please make sure the following option is tick:

Select Show Hidden files
Select Show Romdrives
Select Show Ram drives
Select Show system files/Folders
6.If All ready then continue! By using x-plore
Go to C:
Access c:sys
copy the files CProfDriver_SISX.ldd and Installserver.exe to C:sysbin

Now your phone is Hacked! Thats all, very fast,easy and simple! You are now ready to install any sis file which u know there is no expired certificates,no certificate errors again! just install anything u want!!!

Download files for hacking s60v3

N73&e65 hack.zip

if you have already xplorer leave it or you dont x plorer must download it here

X-plore S60 3rd+5th ed.sisx