Setting up of a wireless network requires definite planning.After setting up the network we must ensure that the network works as smoothly and efficiently as possible. The network range is one of  the major factor of determining its efficiency. We need to increase the range of the wireless network to increase its efficiency.
1.Upgrade the routers and also the network adapters to 802.11n.That will help to attain much higher range and throughput.You must upgrade both the adapter and the router at the same time.If not the network will become slow.
2.Keep the router as far as possible from the walls and other metal objects.Because these obstacles will produce interference in routr’s wireless signals.
3.Place the router at almost centre of the office.So the signal only need to travel a small distance.Efficiency increases,interference decreases.
4.Instead of using an omnidirectional antenna (broadcasts and  receives in all directions with same efficiency)choose a high gain directional antenna.It will help to focus the wireless signals in to one particular direction.And the operational efficiency and range increases.
5.Must upgrade the antenna system of the network adapter.Remove the omni directional antenna.And also change the PC card wireless network adapter.And instead of it use a range boosting adapter with an external antenna system.
6.Sometimes the other networks will also use the same channel of the router for broadcasting.In those circumstances the network will loose a sufficient amount of range and power.So use a wireless software in your network.So if the above situation occurs then the user can simply log on to the router through the browser and can select an unused channel.So the signal strength increases.
7.Use wireless repeaters.They using wireless AP’s instead of wires.By placing them halfway between the previous wireless point and computer we can extend our network’s range.
8.By upgrading the router’s firmware and network adapter’s drivers,we can improve the range.Most of these upgrades are absolutely free.
9.Cordless phones and other electronic devices won’t affect the range of your router.These devices are in the frequency range of 5.8GHz to 900MHz.Those won’t make interference with the wireless network signals.