New Get Free Mobile Recharge And Movie Tickets in India Tricks

Get Free Mobile Recharge And Movie Tickets in IndiaIf you can get your mobile recharged for free wouldn’t that be amazing.Well,Amulyam is a service that gives you free mobile top up recharges and movie tickets for completing basic tasks like registering on other websites,surveys,referring friends etc.This is gaining a lot of popularity since it is genuine and a lot of people are already making good money from it.

How Does Amulyam Work?

When you complete offers like surveys,registrations etc amulyam gets paid by the advertisers.They add a part of their earnings into your account.So,no investment is required from your part.Also, if you or someone referred by you makes a purchase like Air tickets,mobiles etc you will get an incentive for the purchase in your account.
amulyam Get Free Mobile Recharge And Movie Tickets in India

How To Get Free Mobile Recharge From Amulyam?

  • Signup for Amulyam by clicking here.
  • After completing the signup process goto Fill Wallet .
  • You will see a list of offers and the amount you will get for completing those offers.
The best part is that you can recharge your mobile once your account balance reaches Rs 10.
It supports all the major Indian Prepaid carriers like Aircel, Airtel, BSNL, Docomo, Idea, MTS, Reliance, Tata, Virgin and Vodafone .After recharging your mobile you will instantly get a message from them about the successful recharge.
They also have a referral scheme using which you will earn 20% for the first offer that is completed by your referrals.So, the more friends you refer more will be your earnings.
NOTE:-Make sure you add to your email address book otherwise you will receive the Bonus emails in spam and will miss a lot of earning opportunities