TRAI Directs Vodafone Not To Reject MNP Requests on Contractual Grounds

MNP-IndiaIndian telecom watchdog Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has directed Vodafone Essar to not reject ‘Mobile Number Porting’ requests of its subscribers on grounds of contractual obligations if the customers had not entered into a contract with the operator.
In order to improve the effectiveness of MNP in India, TRAI also direct Vodaofne to follow the guidelines of MNP Act sincerely.
TRAI said that it has received lot of complaints whereas the majority of Mobile Number porting requests have been rejected by Vodafone Essar on the ground of contractual obligations as the reason, however customers complained that they did not enter into such agreement with Vodafone.
TRAI also observers in many cases, after the customer filed a complaint with the TRAI for the wrong rejection of their MNP request and the authority forwarded the complaints to Vodafone Essar, the porting request was accepted and such customers are allowed to port out and therefore.