3 Tips to Increase Your Pagerank Free Tricks

As a site owner one of the answered question is about "how to increase traffic to my blog" and "how to increase page rank".The answer is not at all simple as we think.Here are the most 3 effective ways to increase your page rank.

Avoid Poor Rated Sites for Link Exchange

A main factor that can affect the page rank of your website and how high it goes is how many low quality backlinks you attract which can cause Google to downgrade your site and make it even harder for you to get ranked. This is the reason that you need to avoid participating in random link exchanges with other webmasters whose only goal is the raising up of their own sites too. High quality one way backlinks will be a lot better for you than link exchanges so focus on those first.

Create Lots of Internal Links

If you run a content based website and have a lot of articles, be sure to interlink them as often as you possibly can. Building your own strong internal linking structure is one of the first steps that you can take if you want to impress Google and offer your readers an easier way to navigate your website. For example, let’s pretend that you run a blog about “Yoga” and have hundreds of posts about this topics, wouldn’t you think that internal links would help your readers.
Absolutely! Google finds blogs with internal linking structures more valuable than those that don’t so attempt to improve the internal links on your site.

Try SEO tips

It’s okay if you have no SEO experience. If you want to raise your site’s page ranking, though, you need to learn at least some basic SEO. It is important to acknowledge that SEO is more than just acquiring a few backlinks, there is more to the process that is important. A great thing about SEO is that it can be learned on the fly and applied immediately and that means that you can see exactly how each thing works and the kind of results it gets as you work to build your site and business. Getting a higher page ranking for your website is centered on your ability to appeal to “the big G” and if you can do that your website will be better off for it.