Telnet in Windows 8 : Install & Enable Telnet Client in Win8

telnet in Windows 8" is lacking because of some high security features of Windows 8 OS.

Windows 8 is yet the latest operating system by Microsoft but they main thing I didn't like is lacking of telnet, this is the feature where we all geeks are depend on, and they eliminated it? Thus we need to find some external option to enable and install telnet in windows 8

telnet in windows 8

How To Install & Enable Telnet in Windows 8

When by default if we type in telnet in CMD, it returns with an error that the commond is not recognized. Thus we need to enable telnet client in Win8 to solve this problem.

To enable telnet we need not to do any kind of CD work or software downloads. Microsoft is smart enough, they didn't deleted this feature completely but kept it in hidden.

Just follow the below steps to enable telnet :
  1. First click on control panel
  2. Now at left side bottom below, click on More Settings
  3. Now change to class view and click on Programs and Features
  4. Then click on Turn Windows features on or off
  5. Now you will see and dialog box opened and tick on "Telnet Client" and OK
  6. A minor installation will take place and you are done.