BSNL Balance deduction Problem solved

Question: Hello Admin, I have a problem in Bsnl, Every month bsnl authorities deducting Rs.25/- from my account for mobile radio, but i didn't activate that option and want to deactivate all offers. Please tell me why they are deducting my balance without any activation by me.

Many emailed me regarding these problem and to solve "Balance Deduction Problem in BSNL". So today i am going to explain how to solve this problem.

Answer: Now a days some mobile companies are activating offers to customers automatically who has more than Rs.30/- in their account. I say that this is a big scam by mobile companies because some innocent people don't know which offers are been activated in their account and also don't know how to deactivate those offers.In, bsnl many are getting their money deducted though they don't activate any offers. Same problem is seen in reliance also.I suggest all bsnl users to follow below steps so that they don't get their money deducted.

Step1: If you get a message saying you are activated to a service ******* then immediately see (Step2)

Step2: Dial UNSUB ALL to 56700 (or)  Call 12555 30 to deactivate all activated services.