Vodafone Launches Webbox In India, Bringing Internet To Your Television Tricks

Vodafone the 2nd largest cellular service operator in India will bring unique rather first of a kind service named as Webbox for all its customer in India
As per our info this service is currently launched in haryana and in coming days this unique state of art technology is soon going to change the way we use our favorite idiot box [Telivision].
The Webbox is a Vodafone innovation developed specifically for customers in emerging markets, where technology and cost barriers often exclude many from enjoying affordable, ready internet access at home or in the workplace. A sleek, black, 14 x 25cm QWERTY keyboard, the Webbox uses standard RCA connectors to plug into the television. With no set-up required, the plug and play keyboard converts any standard domestic television into an internet portal.

Our very own television's is soon going to get transformed into a high-fi cool gadget and all thanks to Vodafone and their small piece of technology.

Named as "Vodafone Webbox", this is sure that this device makes our television sets a nano computer. An innovative internet-enabled keyboard that turns a regular TV into an “Internet Portal”. Vodafone Webbox packs the Opera Mini V5 browser together with support for SMS and email messaging, FM radio, photo gallery and a music player.
The pricing factor is priced between at 100 dollors [Rs.5799/-] including VAT. The offer includes a 2GB SD Card, a Prepaid SIM card and 100MB of data valid for the 3 months.
Now what else would you want. Just plug in the cables to the back of your tv and you are ready to jump into a whole new world of entertainment. And not only that you can also check all your e-mails, send and receive sms. It works on Android platform 2.1 which makes easy customization and works on 2.5G network.

 Point Of View
1.First device of its kind.
2.Brings full internet access to your existing TV set.
3.No set-up required, the plug and play keyboard converts any standard television into an Internet surfing device.
4.Send/receive SMS and emails.
5.Easy access to Internet with Opera Mini browser.
6.Check latest updates from your friends on Facebook.
7.Search with Google search and browse your favorite websites.
Vodafone Webbox Demonstration:
A complete entertainment device too with pre-loaded games, in-built FM Radio. Listen to music, watch videos and check out pictures with great ease from your memory card.
Now what will you say about this device??? I have no words to say......
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