Airtel 3g plans and traffics TRICKS

Airtel 3g

After the release of Airtel 3g ,airtel bharati ltd has introduced their traffic plans.The traffic plans are very awesome and are priced at low rates.
Speed of Airtel 3G- 2.0mbps-7.0mbps.

3G plans:
Rs. 9 for 10 MB, validity 1 day
Rs. 45 for 40 MB Validity 3 days
Rs. 60 for 65 MB, validity 3 days
Rs. 103 for 100 MB, validity 30 days
Rs. 200 for 250 MB, validity 30 days
Rs. 450 for 600 MB, validity 30 days
Rs. 750 for 2 GB, validity 30 days

Note:"To activate these traffic plans please go near your retailer and ask for the specified plan which you need".
If the user crosses the limit of MB he/she will be charged 30 paise / 20 KB or Rs. 15 / MB.

What is Airtel 3G ??
This is for them who don't know what is 3g till now. 3G is a data card of  7mbps which is used to faster the speed of internet. You already know about the benifits of mobile internet and their uses. So 3g is used for high speed internet, Video calling and faster gaming for gamers.I sincerely tell you to upgrade to 3g as it is growing higher and you could use their benifits.

How to Activate Airtel 3g??
If you are still not activated to airtel 3g then no problem you can do it know.
To activate to Airtel 3g  Click here