Top Internet Security Programs

Nowadays, almost everyone has a PC at home and internet connection has become a need of people of all ages. Though reliable anti-virus or anti-spyware software is installed, it is inevitable that we still have threats to the computer. In today’s computer world, internet security does not allow the information to be accessed or compromised by other individuals. The initial way to secure information is encryption and maintaining passwords.
A password should be confidential and not be revealed to other person. Internet security can be achieved through following steps. Internet service provider should be from a genuine source. If there is availability, try to choose an internet service provider that offers online virus, spam and content filters. All these will secure the internet service from not allowing the infection to enter the computers. A variety of software like stop spam, filter content for kids, manage cookies, pop-up and pop-under ads and trip up phishing is available to clean the browser. Routers provide the security from internet by using network address translation technique. Routers are of low cost and complexity and provide the same service as that of a conventional internet service. Protection for computers is necessary because there are more than one million malwares that are estimated to be discovered in 2010 alone. Any one is exposed to malware attacks. Anti-virus programmes are essential on every computer.
They provide essential safety to people to surf and navigate the web pages. Anti-virus programmes are designed to scan for and remove the harmful components when they are found on computers. They search and trash the viruses, worms, Trojans, bots and many more. Anti-virus programs keep a machine free from virus. A level of protection is provided against identity theft when the machine is provided with anti-virus and internet security programs. They ensure to keep the higher speed levels. Even though the machines are provided with anti-virus programmes, they can’t protect it from spyware. Spyware is the software that runs on the computer without the permission of its user. It cannot be healed by anti-virus because, it does not spoil the system, but it tracks the personal information from the user’s machine and sends this data back to the software manufacturer over the internet. Adware is the software for advertising and it runs random or targeted pop-up advertisements. With these pop-ups the machine will be caught with spyware and it also affects the system speed by reducing it. The spyware track the personal information like passwords and may damage the business solutions if the system is using for business. So it is very important to have a good anti-spyware to ensure the privacy. Firewall controls the access between two computers and restricts unfettered access. Firewalls monitor network traffic and also able to block any dangerous traffic. There are two types of firewalls-software firewall and hardware firewall. Firewall functions as the intermediate server between SMTP and HTTP connections. Firewall keeps out malicious hackers and people who aspire to damage and takeover other’s servers. Hence, having a good firewall eliminates the risks with computer and internet and keeps out the malevolent people. When all these programs are used in combination it helps protect the computer and internet connection.