How To Use Google Scribe In Blogger : Blogger Tricks

Blogger in draft has recently included the feature of Google Scribe in Blogger. Google Scribe is a tool that will suggest you the words when you will type the first alphabet. This will bring new change in Blogging speed and will also save our time. This new feature is only available for and not for

How to Enable Google Scribe in Blogger?

To activate Scribe in Blogger is very easy as a click on one button, just follow the steps: 
  • Just go to the post editor of the draft blogger and then click pencil icon :
Blogger Scrible
  • Blogger also gives the option of Multiple suggestion, Just click on the drop down
Enable Multiple suggestion in Google Blogger Scribe

Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Scribe In Blogger :

Here are some keyboard shortcuts provided for scribe which will make the purpose easy :
  1. Space to select the suggestion text
  2. Ctrl+j to activate or deactivate scribe
  3. Ctrl+Shift+j to enable or disable multiple suggestion
  4. ESC to remove the suggestion given
  5. TAB to get back the suggestion
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