Tips For Malware Free Browsing

Hey Guys, If you came here to read just another great article on SEO or Latest gadgets by my friend Atish, I am sorry to say today you have to bear with me. Me being a “Windows Geek” cannot talk about technology and gadgets you know. Here with not so good writing skills compare to Atish I will try my best not to disappoint you, however If I do, feel free to say so.
Oh well, I forgot! So you own a computer. Not just a computer a working internet connection as well. Right ? In this condition you must be browsing lot of websites daily. Do you think your browsing is safe and Malware free ? Are you aware of the risks of getting infected with various malwares while enjoying the internet ?
Remember : “Prevention is better than cure”
In this article we are going to talk about how we can browse as long as we want and stay safe. We are going to follow “Prevention is better than cure” method here. Instead of watching and seeing our computer getting infected, be aware of some simple things and prevent any malware to come and stay in your computer.
What is Malware 
As per Wikipedia, Malware, short for malicious software, consists of programming (code, scripts, active content, and other software) designed to disrupt or deny operation, gather information that leads to loss of privacy or exploitation, gain unauthorized access to system resources, and other abusive behavior.[1] The expression is a general term used by computer professionals to mean a variety of forms of hostile, intrusive, or annoying software or program code.
Just with the definition, it sounds not so cool. Once it comes into PC, It can harm you (Not physically but can steal your personal information Etc) and your computer. Do prevent them from coming and making their home in your computer you do not need to be an expert, just your a bit of awareness and you can beat them.
How they can enter in your Computer ?
There are many doors from where a malware can enter into your computer. Let’s talk about them one by one.
1. Stay away from malicious websites
Infective websites are biggest source of Malwares. If a website is prompting you to install something on your computer, Beware! It may be a malware. Think again. Do you really need this software and website ? Stay away from such websites. Some websites contains malicious JAVA scripts which can harm your computer. In most cases your browser will detect it and alert you. Act smart and do not visit that site again.
2. Beware of strange emails with links
Every day I get bunch of emails from unknowns senders, some of them are for me and most of them just random spam emails offering interesting stuffs. I won’t ask you to NOT
TO READ spam emails, Read them if you like but “Be careful if it contain a link”. Ask yourself . Do you really “have to” click on that link ? Remind yourself “Nothing is free” and re-consider before clicking the link to know more about some interesting stuff.
3. Act Careful with USB Thumb drives or Flash Drives
USB drive or thumb drives are one of the most abused method of spreading malwares. Let’s say you got something from your friend in a thumb drive. You pluged the thumb drive and opned it from explorer. Booom! A malware just entered in your computer will keep spreading itself. To prevent this from happening Scan any flash or CD media with a good antivirus before you open it. If you find something wrong , Do not install/use it.
4. A popup window from some nasty website
Visiting some kind of not so good (you know what I mean) sites is not a problem, but the problem is with the popup windows they displays when you visit them. Stick away with the popups which will force you to believe you need something to install on your computer or some kind of screensaver or wallpaper pack.
5. junk software’s which you get from file sharing sites
Most of the case these types of Cracked or hacked or so software’s comes with malicious codes inside it which can steal your personal information damage your system. As far as possible, Stay away from these kind of software until you are really sure what you are doing. It’s better to pay some bucks to a software developer rather than using a pirated version. You may come into legal issues as well if using these kind of apps.
6. Be careful if you are downloading stuffs from internet on day to day basic.
You can say “Oh well, I know malwares comes with programs only,No harm in downloading music and movies”. Wait! I am not talking about malware inside the music or movie file, but on the webpage itself. Just near the download button or name of the software you are about to download you will see a “Download now” or “Play now” or similar buttons. Just beaware. These are NOT the actual download button and may lead you to a malware site.
Malwares can Cause your computer to run slow as well. There can be couple more reasons for the slowness, Check out my “6 Tips for optimal computer performance”.
What to do now ? I was not aware of these thing earlier ? Or Even I was careful enough I got my system infected.
No problem, You are not alone, No matter how hard you try, sometime they can enter in your system .. Still you can stay safe, Be with me and read on..
Use right weapons to fight with them and make sure you don’t have anything left in your computer. Here is how –
1. Keep your Operating System up to date using Windows Updates
2. Always check to see if you have updated browser
3. Use a good antivirus and Internet security program which you trust. If you are not sure which then I recommend using “Comodo Internet security”. I am using It since 2 years now. It’s paid but totally worth it. If you are a not so techy, It can disappoint you. You can request a free trial of 30 days using “this link” and see yourself you are comfortable or not.
So, All the best for safe browsing. Did you ever get into such infections ? I would love to hear from you. just include in comments below and we will modify the article with your case study.