Send Confidential Mails By Encrypting The Text

Many a times we want to send some email to our friends or colleagues, and the text in that email is confidential. If anyone else then that particular person would read that, then we would be in danger. You must be wondering how someone else could read the emails, since emails are meant to be personal! Remember, I had once shared with you on how to Let Your Dear Ones Access Your Gmail Account Without Knowing Your Password.

So now when you want to send a secret message, encryption is the word which comes in the mind. Today I am going to share with you how to encrypt the text message while sending an email.
There are many ways to encrypt a message, but Encipher It has come out with the easiest one.
For this I have made a video which will show you in detail how to encrypt the text in a mail. I hope you all will enjoy the video!