How To Use Cool & Creative Symbols In Facebook And Twitter Status Update

Hi friends I hope you all are fine , After my previous post for " Get Thousands Of Followers On Twitter For Free " I am again here with the most " New Tricks " which you haven't seen in any website . This simple trick will help you most if you are a " Social Networking " addicted of may me " Facebook " or " Twitter " addicted 

When you are addicted to Facebook or Twitter then you must show uniqueness to your friends or by doing something new for you will be caught in peoples eyes . Now you can do this thing by doing simple Facebook Status Update trick or may I say anywhere on Facebook or Twitter you can use this awesome tricks. Now lets see whats the trick.
How to use creative and great emotions symbols not only in Facebook Chat Box but also in Facebook Status Update, Comments , Or anywhere in Facebook . This symbols will create uniqueness in your Facebook Life. All of you might be aware of  "  ♥  " symbol in Facebook by using <3 code or symbol code . But today I am going to present tons of Symbol Code for Facebook And Twitter.

These below collection of symbols are called " ALT Code Character " . These Below codes not only includes symblos but also Numbers and alphabets 

How To Use ALT Codes For Creative And Cool Symbols
  • Make it sure that your keyboards " Number Pad " is On
  • Keep Pressing ALT key on your keyboard 
  • Now Type any Number from the below table by using your NumPad
  • Then release ALT key
  • Ex: For " ♥ " Press  ALT + <3

Hope you all have enjoyed this " Trick " and please donot forget to comment ♥ 
Great Thanks To " SML "

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