How To Protect Your Android Phones From Malware

Recently Android Market was effected with some malware applications which will steal the data of the phone automatically when installed. Some hackers have made these apps and released in the android market. so whenever you will try to install them, it will install few other apps in your phone and steal all the data from your phones and pass over to the hacker easily. Recently many android users were warned about these malicious apps and were requested to install a android security tool which will remove all malicious apps automatically when installed.
The malicious infecting application will install in your android phone and will steal the important data like IMEI number, Phone number, important contacts and files and will upload to a website database which were created by hackers.The users who have been affected by this malicious software’s will receive a message from android that “Your Android Phone is effected and we will send a email notification and the update will be automatically pushed to there devices.The application will be automatically removed from your device when it has completed its work. If you were not received any notification from the android, then you can download the software from this link and install in your device : Click Here 

Many users who are affected with this malware didn’t received the notifications from the android team. In that case you can download this software from the android market. First after installing the software you can observe that the apps which were not uninstalling earlier will be removed automatically and will no longer be able to effect your devices. Before downloading some thing in your android phones, make sure that you follow some basic rules and tips so that you can be safe from intruders.

  1. Make sure that what ever you are installing are certified by Google android team. I mean search for Google Inc. as the publisher.
  2. Try to install apps like Lookout Mobile Security, this will scan your device for malware and also allow you to transfer important data online. If you phone is lost somewhere, you can easily find out with this application.
  3. Try installing a free antivirus application’s like AVG Free and NetQin Antivirus
  4. Its always a better choice to put a good password for your android mobile. So try it.
  5. Download apps from trusted android market and site only which are verified.
  6. Try not to access your phone on a public wifi.
  7. When a update is available for any apps try to install it as early as possible. Even the OS should be updated regularly.
People who are already effected with malware apps and are unable to uninstall the apps must download the Android Market Security Tool and Clear all the malware stuff from your device. Visit Android Market Security Tool and install in you android mobile. Do not worry if you cannot see the app in your mobile, because it will automatically uninstalled when it has cleared all malware from your device. You can also take a look at the official article released by Google : March 2011 Security Issue