Secret Facebook Tricks : Post Empty Status & Comment On FB

Secret Facebook Tricks are in great demands since we all want to impress friends on Facebook. Usually we post awesome status to attract our friend's attention but what if we will post empty status ?? They will be amazed as its not possible to post empty status or comment on FB. You can even enjoy chatting without words to astonish your friends, Let move on to this New Facebook Tricks

Secret Facebook Tricks : Post Empty Status & Comment On FB

As mentioned earlier its not possible to post a blank status update by just pressing Space key, you even can't post empty comment like this. But now its possible to post empty comment or status with some special characters which will give you empty facebook status

secret facebook tricks
Special Facebook Trick To Post Bank Status Update :
  • Login to Facebook Account and go to status update field
  • Press and keep holding Alt key and type 0173
  • Now release the key and click on share the post
  • You are done!
 You can even post empty comments and even can enjoy empty Chat with friends

Secret Facebook Tricks - Conclusion 

This is one of the new facebook tricks which is currently revealed on net, so enjoy!

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