FREE Samsung Corby Txt Java Applications and Games for free

Hello everybody. After posting some samsung corby txt wallpapers, ringtones and drivers now its time to download some java applications, softwares and games. i have uploaded 157 java applications for samsung corby txt. Some of them are repeated (10 t0 12) so please find them. The following are some of the best of the java applications which i like and there are more inside so make the best use of them.
Advanced Personal Wallet,Alcohol Calculator,Analog Clock,Anti Gnat,Breath Training,Blue Chat 1.0,Battery Rebuild And Maintenance,Bar Code, Calc, Calcodern,climate control,Compass,Date to date,Countries,Converter w800, Converter rus,Dictionary,face warp_w810_eu,File_Protect_1.0,First Aid, Galstuk Uzel,fuel,From Language 2 Language,,\Fonarik,Galstuk Uzel 2

Global Time,Hourly Event,Internet Explorer,Jzip man,JMail, .Agent(0.7.50)MIDP2,Jimm (0.5.1)MIDP2,IRC client,Jzipman86rus,Kamasutra, Karaoke,KievMap,Matikar,Mathematics,MailMan,Lighter_1_0_1,Matikar rus, Menstral,Metro_SPB.rar,MetroNavigator Kiev,Microsoft Paint,Microsoft , ,Notepad,Microsoft Excel,MetroNavigator Moscow,Microsoft Word,Mobile Codes 1.0,Simprit.MiniExcel.v1.50.Java.Retail-BiNPDA, DaysToDay, EQO, handy_hacking,Super-Bluetooth,Teashark,WORLD , CITIES, kdplayer24_7n8x85om,compassmoo_m4m6tf4f,deltaforce_nz2t7kj9,
and lot more just download from here and put them in a New Folder in Memory Card and Open the applications from the folder and follow the instructions of each application.