Ten years ahead: Broadband in 2020

Ten years ahead Broadband in 2020
Internet advances over the past 10 years have been huge, but it’s fair to say that improvements in the next 10 are going to be equally groundbreaking. We have gone from measuring speeds in Kb to Mb, but by 2020 we’ll likely be measuring broadband in Gb. So what new ways to utilise the internet will come along with these great advances in speed?
1) The automated home
It’s been a long time coming, but faster broadband and shrinking technology (more of that later!) will mean we finally get the advances in home security, healthcare and smart energy we’ve been promised for years. For a small addition to your broadband bill, expect to be able to go online from anywhere in the world to check if you left the lights on, to check cameras in your home and even open the door for a visitor. And more hospital bound people will be able to head home, as complex healthcare functions will be able to be monitored over the internet effectively.
2) Gadgets and hardware
Advancing technologies will see a whole host of new ways to enjoy the internet, both at home and on the move. We’ve already seen prototypes of holographic projection for internet devices, as well as organic light emitting diodes which can alter their shape to go from a small pocket device to a larger, lap top style device. And shrinking technology means internet glasses, clothing and more outlandish items shouldn’t be far away.
3) Improvements for businesses
Business broadband users will benefit greatly from advances in the internet, as workforces continue to become more mobile and practices more efficient. Improved speeds means less people need to be at the office to directly access servers, while increased portability means working anywhere becomes a reality. Improvements in 3D technology should also usher in far more acceptable environments for everything from online meetings to being able to view the likes of accurate building layouts and complex schematics.
4) The cloud
Central storage but wide assess to files will become the norm as we learn to trust the idea of cloud technology, especially in the home. A proliferation of internet ready devices which are lighter, more portable and more flexible will see us sharing, streaming and participating in a growing number of social and work related online mediums. Instant access to everything from messaging and chat to films and music will make this possible.
5) Mobile broadband
Finally, as 4G becomes 5G, advances in mobile broadband will create a seamless internet experience where we are connected constantly, on one contract, from one supplier. In most countries coverage should be at least reasonable in all but the most remote areas, giving us a truly integrated communication network where voice, data and messaging are practically uninterrupted.
While much of this may sound like science fiction, look back just 10 years and you’ll soon realise it is just as likely to become science fact.
About the author: Joe Linford writes on behalf of Broadband Genie, the online advice portal for broadband and mobile broadband and Mobile Phone Genie, the independent comparison website for mobile phones