Six Best Ways to Get Traffic from Facebook

It isn’t so that there hasn’t been a social networking site before Facebook but surely none of them could be as successful as Facebook and none proved to be such a good source of traffic to your website as it has proved.
However, one needs to be aware of one simple fact that even facebook cannot be treated as some miracle. Sometimes it works really well and sometimes it doesn’t work at all. Yet there are numerous businesses that have gained lots of traffic from this social networking king.
So, without exhausting your mind anymore, simply work out the points given below and get traffic from Facebook.
Your Profile is the first place where you need to work out.
This is the first place that the visitors get to see. If you have a very unprofessional looking, boring, totally unattractive profile, your visitors may not feel like coming back. So, make your profile look the best with interesting and attractive description and make sure your profile is a public profile and not private one so that if anyone happens to come across it, feels like supporting you.
Don’t forget to include your site information on your wall and the photo gallery.
One specialty about Facebook is that it allows you to write fully detailed information about yourself, your company, and so on as well as include the pictures to magnify your information more. So, don’t forget to utilize what it offers you. Don’t be miserly in telling people who you are and what your company does. Be informative and pleasant in making people aware of you. Add photos to the gallery. Photos add authenticity. They make it easier to tell the world about your company and products.
Use Facebook Applications
Various new applications are released from time to time. Though all of them aren’t useful but by keeping your eyes open to them and checking them out regularly, you’ll come across several useful ones. These applications prove beneficial in getting more friends, directly sharing your updates on Twitter and LinkedIn, and showing your Facebook activities right on your site so that a sudden visitor to your site can also get to know about your Facebook presence, and so on.
Be Active & Regular
If you leave your page untouched for a long time, people will also leave it out and move on to some other page. So you need to be active. And while posting your updates, make sure that you are interesting, informative, to the point, and most importantly relevant. And being active doesn’t just mean that you keep updating all the time, it also means that if anybody has commented on your update, you reply them back and also participate in what your friends and fans have posted on the wall.
Create a Group
Sometimes, you might feel that your page isn’t as interactive as a group is; the best is to start up a group as well. So, start up a group with some activity or interest related to your business and invite people including your friends and fans to join it. This is a great way to get targeted users to your site, such people include those who really have similar interests and who appreciate your interests, products, ideas and so on.
Don’t mix your professional account with your personal account.
There are several reasons why you shouldn’t mix your professional and personal accounts but the most important one is traffic. Your single negative comment; irrelevant status update can create a lot of trouble and may even mar your traffic. You may sometimes place a comment, or some update from personal point of view that can be repulsive toward your professional identity. Again, you may not like to lose any personal information which you may feel like placing on your personal profile for your friends and relatives. So, it is better to keep your professional and personal accounts separate.
These above mentioned tips will surely get traffic from Facebook to your site and prove beneficial in enhancing your business.