On Page SEO Optimization Few Hidden Tips and Tricks

On Page SEO Optimization Few Hidden Tips and TricksYou have an online business and no body knows it, there’s nobody dropping at your site, and you still think your business will be able to move on and get you some real profit? Well, every sensible webmaster knows that it is absolutely impossible and this is why they take the refuge of SEO or search engine optimization of their sites.
But then, a poorly handled optimization campaign doesn’t do any good and it becomes totally requisite to spend some time to learn all the hidden secrets of the optimization process. And if this is what you are looking for, you are at the right place.
On going down the page you’ll get to read some of the secret tips for  On Page SEO optimization, as the On Page part of your SEO campaign is as important as the Off page part.
First, pick on the basic optimization procedures. It’s true that SEO like any other technology is getting sophisticated day by day, yet you simply cannot ignore those age old basic steps and procedures. So before you start up with all the other sophisticated stuffs, pick up your major keywords, and place them in your Title tag. This lets the search engine robots properly know what your website is about.
The title tag happens to be located in the head gags at the topmost part of your page. And it is generally found that by placing your keywords in your tags you increase the chances of your site or blog being visited by more targeted traffic.
Second, don’t try to fool the search engines or the searchers, this will cost you heavy, and at the end, it will be you who’ll actually be fooled!  So make sure that the text that you’ve placed in the Title tag is present in the body of your page. Also, be sure to have the keywords that you have placed in the Title tag in your h1 tag as this will help the readers to known whether they have landed on a right page. This is again liked by the search engines as this prominently announces the relation between your headline and the title of your page.
Third, don’t use the same Title tags on each of the pages of your website. This will prove suicidal for the indexing of your site pages as the presence of same title tags on each of your website page hampers in the proper indexing of the web pages. This happens because the search engine bots assume all the pages with same Titles tags to be the same.
A simple little trick over here can prove quite beneficial. So, simply add your headline in the h1 tag, this will make this headline to be the same as the one you have in your Title tag texts and in this way the search engine robots will be able to know what your page is about.
Fourth, some people are so infatuated with the keyword insertion that they simply don’t see where they are inserting them. Ironically, it does all possible loss instead of doing any good. So, watch out when you are on the verge of over doing with the keyword placement whether in the site content or the Meta tag.
Again, some people think they are over smart and come out to be really stupid by stuffing the Meta tag with useless keywords that have nothing to do with their site content.
The best thing to do is to have your headline included in your Keywords and Description tags just once.
Fifth, your text links title tags are other such place where you can place your keyword. So, simply include your Title tag within the HTML of your text link and have some relevance added to the link and at the same time to the place where you have your link included.
Above mentioned On Page SEO Optimization tips will help you get better results out of your SEO campaign.