Hide Google Plus Profile - How To Hide Your Google+ Profile

We all know that Google Plus is the new social networking site as Facebook having many great features. They even provides feature to hide your profile in Google Plus. This will make your privacy secure from other friends or any one. Hiding Google Plus Profile is quite easy to do but as Google+ is new many are unaware of how to do this. Let see how to do it in Google Plus Search engine 

Google Plus Logo

How To Hide Your Google+ Profile ?

Its very easy to Hide the Google+ Profile, Just follow the below steps and you are done :
  • Now click on "About" and then "Edit Profile"
  • Now Scroll at the bottom and you will see "Search Visibility" click on that
  • Al last uncheck on “Help others find my profile in search” and the Save it

Hiding Google+ Profile From Google Search Engine : Conclusion

If you are very much bothered about your Google Plus Privacy option then applying this above step is very must, Its quite easy to protect your privacy in G Plus, Isn't it?

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