Google+ Video Calling | Google Plus Video Call - How To Do

Google+ Video Calling or Google Plus Video Call is what in need after the launch of Google Plus . Most people transferred themselves G+ and as Facebook has already launched its new Video Calling Feature, Google+ has also included this great facility in their system. But though this new social network is new to many and do not know How To Set Up Video Call In Google+ (Google Plus)

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Google+ Video Calling | How To Do Video Call In Google Plus

We already know about Google's old and classic social network Orkut and other like Gmail, Google Buzz, etc and even G+ has the same facility as we saw in their previous networks. Though we need Video Calling In Google+ (Google Plus)

We need to just install a handy Google+ Addon or Extension or say plugin known as Google Video Calling Plugin. It will just take a second or two.

Click here to Download and install Plugin for Google Plus Video Chat

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Google+ Video Calling | Google Plus Video Call - How To Set Up / Do

After doing the above mentioned steps you just have to go with Google Plus Video Calling Online

1. Sign In Google Plus Account and then click on the top Home Button

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2. At the left side or column you can see the chat list of online and offline friends
3. Now select desired online friend and you will see a new Google+ chat box 
4. At left side of that chat box you will find a video chat symbol

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5. Now your friend will get request and if he/she accepts that then you are done

So friends I hope you enjoyed this article on How To Do or Set Up Google Plus Video Call and if you have any problem or want to share your views than please do comment for "Google+ Video Calling"