Google Plus Games : How To Play Games On Google Plus

Google Plus is breaking all its barriers and has challenged the Facebook with the launch of Google Plus Games, yes now anyone can play games on Google Plus like angry birds and many other games which is interesting unlike Facebook. In the official Google+ blog its announced that now users can play all the popular games like Angry Birds, City Of Wonder, Poker, etc from their account only and can also share their Score to all the friends.
google Plus games logo

How To Play Games On Google Plus?

Google Plus has putted a new Games icon on their tab, you just need to click on that Google+ Games Icon as below :

Google Plus Games

You can play any game according to your interest and the high-score achieved, level passed, task accomplished can easily be visible to all your friends, You game score will appear in Google Plus stream

Google Plus Games : How To Play Games On Google Plus

So friend, what you think If Google Plus Games will beat Facebook and will secure position in Social networking? Its G Plus Games is better than FB?

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