Freedom From Facebook Addictions - How To Get It?

Facebook, the largest social network has crossed the mark of 600 million users worldwide and its keep on counting. Almost 50 million of them are the victim of Facebook Addictions and which simply known as Facebookaholics. It is well said that excess of everything is worse. Lets see how to get freedom from Facebook Addictions

facebook Addiction

How to Get Freedom From Facebook Addictions ?

Facebook Addiction has many symptoms and effects and some main factors are listed here :
  • Been employee you will escape from your work.
  • Students will escape from their homework and studies.
  • Practically speaking, you will give less time to your friends.
  • Concentration power will get exhausted. 
  • Many other effects are also there which we all know :-)
To Get Freedom from the above listed effects, here are some tips to be applied if you really want to stop FB addiction :

1. Fix a Timetable and login time :

Timetable keeps you organized and punctual. So its better to give a particular time for logging in to Facebook Account. And yes, as well we need to set a logging out time also (maximum is One and half hours)

2. Try out Blogging or say Youtube :

The one effective remedy for been out of Facebook-Addiction I found is Blogging. I used to be a Horrible FB addict before but my blogging make me leave that. Blogging will preserve your precious time and will give you fruits in future but FB will spoil your current and future also. Blogging is not case with everyone so they can try watching videos on Youtube.

3. Try to restrain and withdraw :

Its very simple formula, commenting to others always leads you to become addict of FB, so always try that you don't comment on other photos, status, tag, etc. Even stop updating your status so that friends will not comment on yours too.

4. Try to keep yourself engage and hang out with friends :

Have a strong desire for not to sit on Facebook and meanwhile try to engage yourself in other work like listening music, drawing, sketching, etc. It will be also good if you hang up with friends till if you are in good company!

5. Delete your Account - DAD of all tips :)

I can understand that this sounds very dumpy to you, but what you heard is correct. Deleting your FB account and loosing all your in-cloud friends and texts will give you a mental shock. But will work like charm if the above four methods didn't work for you.

Get Out of Facebook Addictions - Conclusion

Facebook is great social networking site but it is addictive. It is said that a alcoholics  can onetime think to leave the liquor but real Facebookaholics can't do the same. Its up to you....

So folks, I hope you enjoyed this article on Facebook Addiction and if you have more suggestions and wanna share then please do comment for "Get Freedom From Facebook Addictions"