Best Ways To Make Money Online From Blog TRICKS

We all know that blogging is no more limited to sharing the knowledge but now you can easily earn money online from your blog. Mostly blogs are created for the money earning purpose. And its also necessary to monetize the blog as we really expect something from our blog.

making money from blogging

Top 3 Ways To Make Money Online From Blog

If you are already in blogging journey and wondering about how to make money from your blog, then the answer is here. There are many ways to earn money out of your blog, but I made it easy to you by just introducing the common and mostly used methods. Here we go..

1. Pay Per Click :

With Pay Per Click Advertising you can place the ads on your blog and you can earn money according clicks that ads receive. Google Adsense is ruling around web for Pay Per Click Advertising Network. For most of the blogger this is the backbone of their income

2. Pay Per Thousand Impression

If your blog is heavy visitors then you can easily make money from your blog. Here you are paid on the basis per thousand impressions on the ad. The money you receive is vary from location to location. Technorati Media, Tribal Fusion, etc are some of the popular networks

2. Affiliate Marketing :

If your site is having strong base niche then affiliate marketing method rocks upon your blog. Affiliate marketing is just referring the product of others to your blog's visitors and in return you will earn commission as fixed. Click Bank is ruling around the web for this. Blog must have targeted heavy visitors to their blog.

3. Paid Reviews :

If you are good to analyze, then you can easily make out some money by reviewing the articles, products, etc and the owner will pay you same according to your blog's status, visitors, quality, etc. One can fetch extra income from their blog with paid review.

So friends, I hope you enjoyed this article on earning money from blogging and if you have problem or want to share your own views then please do comment for best ways to make money from blog