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seo Seo Tips And Tricks For Blogger (Part 1)
In this tutorial I will show you tips and tricks to optimize your blog post url for search engines.Generally search engines donot like very long urls and the words in the url like “the,to,it “ etc only dilute the effectiveness of your keywords that are used in the url.On blogger platform the urls are automatically generated when you publish your post.Now we will learn that how to give different tittle and different url to a post.
If I had a sub-domain like and I publish a post with tittle “How To Earn Money from Home”.The blogger will create a url something like this
If we observe this address we see that we donot require the words “to,from” in the url.The best and the only way to get rid of these un necessary words is to first create a post with the tittle “How Earn money Home” now publish it.So you will get your desired address for your blogger post.i.e
After publishing the post click on edit and rename the post tittle to a human readable tittle like In this Example we will change the tittle to “How To Earn Money from Home “.
If you in a very competitive market and you want to have an upper edge over your competitor than these tips and tricks will really help you a lot because usually people neglect these onsite optimization tips and tricks.So will certainly gain advantage over these sort of competitors.Remember this not the only thing There are lot of secret tips and tricks and I will cover them individually and in depth in series of post.