Get Free Credits for mig33 (like skype)

Mig33 is just like skype and we can call/sms through our mobile or pc by paying some money. But using a simple tip you can accumulate your credits and make unlimited calls with that credits. Actually this is not a hack but a true fault from their client.

1. mig33 account
2.supporting phone

Let's start
       Invite as many friends as you can through their friend referral system. Now log out from ur mig33. Register new accounts using every single number you invited from your own phone. The activation code goes to the number you invited so you need to have your friends mobile with you or just ask him for it. now complete the registration. thats it.

             The trick part is you are inviting and creating others account from your own fone. so the invited person dont need to have gprs enabled fone. all this process take only a little time depnding on the number of accounts u create so that you can add some bonus $$ to ur account. 

            That's all guys. Have fun