Airtel Latest VPN trick with TRIXY VPN dec 6- Updated Free Tricks

Hi all. You might have also read my recent post about free vpn trick with airtel by raptor vpn. But unfortunately that was blocked and there after, I was constantly searching for a new vpn trick that work fine in Airtel and some other operators. Here is this atlast. The trick is not invented me. All credits goes to team. I'm only re writing this trick. Please do not spread this by sharing because this trick may also be blocked. The trick is with port 53 and we all know that it's blocked. But don't worry. If the vpn connection shows it's failed,don't mind. You are already connected and can access whole the web with mega speed

  1. The uploading problem has resolved and here is the direct box link.
  3. Open the file and extract to your desktop
  4. Connect your mobile using pc suite as as apn
  5. Open the open vpn software from the extracted files.
  6. In a short time it will minimize to system tray(as similiar to raptor vpn trick)
  7. Right click that and connect through any vpn ports
  8. But it will probably show connection failed. You can see that it will turn to red as shown in figureJust go without minding that. Minimize and enjoyyyyyyyyy