How To Use Custom Domain In Blogger Blogs Free

Most of the people usually start their websites on blogger as it provides free hosting as well as a subdomain. But as the blog becomes popular they want to use their custom domains for SEO benefits and more professional and easy to remember URL.
Blogger allows you to move your blogspot URL to a custom .net,.com,.org or any other valid domain.There are two methods for moving your blog from blogspot to a custom domain.
  1. Purchase your domain directly Blogger(Easiest One)
  2. Purchasing domain from any other registrar like godaddy,Everydns etc.
If you purchase your domain from blogger then google will automatically configure your DNS Server and other settings so that the new domain will direct the users to your blog.
What Is DNS?
DNS stands for Domain Name Server .It maps your domain name to the ip address of your web host.
How To configure Domain Purchased from Godaddy,Everydns  etc?
  • Once you have purchased a domain name you need update its DNS settings.
  • Create a CNAME for your blog’s address i.e
  • Associate your CNAME record with
For complete tutorial on how to set CNAME records for different registrars like godaddy,Everydns etc Click Here
Now you have to create ‘A’NAME records for your naked domain i.e (without www)
Create four  ‘A’NAME records with your naked domain with the following address
After completing the above steps your registrar setting are complete and now you need to update your blogger settings.
Open your Blogger account
Goto Settings>>Publishing
settings publishing How To Use Custom Domain In Blogger Blogs
Fill your new domain (address without www) and Save your settings.
enterdomain How To Use Custom Domain In Blogger Blogs
Now your new domain will open your blog and will also remain accessible using your old .blogspot URL