How Good is AT&T Wireless Broadband 3G Coverage Tricks

The article is written by Donna Baxter for
AT&T internet’s 3G wireless broadband coverage is about what you’d expect
  neither as evanescent as the morning dew, nor as immutable and reliable
  as the earth beneath your feet. No – it’s somewhere in between, with the
  degree of “in between-ness” relating to the proximity of your mobile
  device to a city.

  It’s been said countless times by folk other than me, but I’m going to
  weigh in my penny’s worth anyway: when can we people who don’t live in
  cities have decent broadband speeds, please? Out here in the sticks, the  best we can hope for from *any *mobile device is EDGE, the snail-slow

 poor cousin of 3G. Come out to the country anytime, with your AT&T internet
  wireless device, and you’ll see your reassuring blue 3G light change
  inexorably to the depressing green of the EDGE system.

  For a comparison: imagine that you’ve gone back in time to the late 1990s,
  when using the internet meant turning on a modem that looked like a small
  bomb, then going off and making a cup of coffee while it whirred and
  wheezed into life. That’s what net use on the EDGE system is like. I’ve
enjoyed connection speeds as unimaginable to you city dwellers as a
 caveman’s dinner. Try 15 Kb ps and see how you like it. That’s right: *K*  b  ps.

To be fair, though, *AT&T

The article is written by Donna Baxter for