Exxon Mobil-Rosneft deal

Exxon Mobil and Rosneft Oil Deal
Russia is an oil and gas fields, Exxon Mobil, and Russia's Rosneft for developing the strategic alliance, the United States and other countries will provide a platform for the development and growth. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, a coastal city of Sochi, the agreement signed with the program by $ 3.2 Kara Sea and the Black Sea offshore block near the start of the process.

Clearly, the deepwater Gulf of Mexico contract with Exxon Mobil, the oil fields of Texas and in other unspecified countries in the project, Rosneft, as well as North American equity interest in the search. Although Exxon Mobil has launched a U.S. resident, that the agreement, you may not, according to Rosneft. However, the largest Gulf of Mexico in search areas and 2.2 million net acres of leasehold companies - container.

According to the agreement, Exxon Mobil and Rosneft oil resources in western Siberia, a celebration of the joint survey, to be succinct. Saint Petersburg is a remote form (known as the Arctic Research and Design Centre) will be established for development. This form will be staffed by both companies' employees. In particular, such as the Arctic and deepwater Gulf of Mexico, as well as more domestic oil and gas resources in developing regions of the contract, the display has been broadened. It is a cushion that Russia was facing the challenge of technology and capital, and restrictions.

Partnership, both companies will offer strong footholds. However, Exxon Mobil is a huge advantage, and that the Russian oil and gas resources are mainly controlled by the government to establish a firm foundation. As a result, foreign technology and capital in particular, the law has been handed over to the Russian government. Exxon was the first company in Russia, so as to keep one foot location.

Exxon Mobil-Rosneft deal, there is a widespread expectation. The improvement and development, Looking North is up, but the question is. However, the question remains unanswered, it is very clear that they are planning a large project. The project will start as soon as both companies will share the benefits and disadvantages. Russia and other countries as well as agreement on the price of oil, as well as the oil price may be affected.

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