Ebook Reader For S40 Mobile Phones Java Application AnyView 4

If you read your Java books, because the S40 has not got any good apps for your phone here enabled phone, you can not get the best apps for Reading a book … it may be your phone’s memory, and since then the application code to open the e-book store, read the memory of your phone to mourn, those annoying pop-up-This is just to get the message .. Installed on your mobile phone to download it if you … Are you first start, but you can see the Chinese language, it is now 6 Please choose this option, select your language has no fear for the Option key to 3 numbers, click to open a new window on the left side You can complete all your reading, as hot as it now .. English seems to select … For more information about this software, read the following:
Anyview is a free eBook reader for mobile phones. Anyview should work on all Java phones that support Java and written by JSR – supports 75 standard. This is Sony Ericsson, Motorola is known, successful on more than 100 phone models from Nokia.
Anyview has the following features:
It is similar to the format of the cartoon show, GIF, JPEG or PNG file type TXT, HTML, PDB and UMD is read the files. UTF – this can be 8, GB2312 and Unicode handle – so Spanish, you can display text in other languages. Full Touch Screen (touch screen mobile phone with them) and activated Very fast response time the JAR file to add, is not Tekisutofu Airu (like most other ebook readers and you) – you can transfer files directly from your cell phone You have a great rotation function – you are at page 8 / 2 buttons (or Tatchipeji) and scroll with the scroll, lines 4 / 6 keys (or joystick). You can also turn on automatic scrolling. Everything you would expect from e-book readers – look, go to the bookmark function. This, ZIP support directly reading from a file – on your mobile phone as an electronic book, you can less space. Provided, font sizes, colors, screen layout, you can save the file to set these settings and using flexible customization options customizable settings, such as 50 or more users to different types of documents, you can more configuration files to configure. Download